Saturday, August 13, 2016

Josh & Brittney | Dominick Lofino Park Beavercreek Engagement | Dayton Wedding Photographer

My husband and I are a marriage, which makes our kids Match babies.  I'd say ours is successful love story.  Still, I frequently hear a bit of skepticism concerning online dating.  I'm here to tell you, people, when you're tired of being set-up on bad dates and ready to find a great person just be open-minded and go for it.

So, when Brittney & Josh said they met three years ago through online dating, I was a bit tickled (and perhaps a bit smug- I'm telling ya, it works!)  I melted a bit when Brittney described Josh as an old soul.  And every time I asked them to lean in close during their session, Josh whispered something that made Brit giggle and blush.  So darn cute together.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Baby Sebastian | Beavercreek Newborn Family Photography

When Jen & Pete were married a few years ago,
I brushed the tears from my eyes and clicked away, capturing a simple but heart-warming
ceremony in their home.  Pete vowed not only to take Jen as his wife, but also to take Maddie as the daughter of his heart.  Afterwards, Jen and Pete trudged through a foot of snow to take photos at their favorite gazebo.

When baby Tony arrived, I updated their family photos at that same gazebo.

And now, sweet, squishy, oh-so-cute, gosh-he's-a-big-baby Sebastian has arrived and life couldn't be sweeter for this family of five.