Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sara & Alex | engaged

I knew from the moment Sara smiled at Alex that I wanted to photograph them.  Sara is a tiny woman with a radiant smile, a true sweetheart.  Alex is confident and strong.  And together, well, they just kind melt into one another.  They were both very open to creating a dreamy engagement session.  The pond, the waterfall, the gardens... it was so beautiful that day that it was kinda surreal.  It felt like I was intruding on a perfect, romantic date.  In the end, I captured some of my favorite images to date.  I love-love-love their engagement session!

And in a few days I'm finally photographing their wedding.   

Monday, April 20, 2015

Workshops & Wine

Four years ago I ended a lengthy career as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher (yes, I have lots of stories most of which are not appropriate for dinner parties) after baby #2 arrived and bought my first DSLR in order to seriously pursue the art of photography.  Prior to that I was that annoying gal with a polaroid/film/point&shoot camera who photographed everything and had many albums.  My creative outlet became an obsession, and my obsession became a business.

I always try to grow as a photographer and business person, so I jumped on the chance to attend a wedding photography workshop in Columbus recently.  Not gonna lie... the idea of spending the weekend in a plush hotel sans kids was equally intriguing.

I immediately registered.  Then I tried to make new friends.

Interestingly, no one shared their hotel information.  

I set off on my workshop weekend adventure without a care in the world (except to get the hell out of dodge before the 2 year old woke up and flipped out at my departure.)  In my trunk? ...bags of gear and personal effects and not a single diaper or sippy cup to be found!  I was in my glory - radio blaring (no Frozen in this CD player!), windows down (no one screaming Mommy it's too windy!)

I arrived at Seth & Beth's home studio and immediately developed a case of studio envy.  As Liz Lemon would say, "I want to go to there."  More importantly, Seth and Beth were energetic teachers with undeniable talent and they were extremely open about their business practices.


Seth graciously demonstrated female posing.  

The models were fantastic and patient.  And really good-looking.

I developed a photographer's crush on Angie.

I could photograph her six ways to Sunday.

 This hunk is her husband.

Yeah, they kinda sizzle.

We practiced with strobes during the day.

And we finished day one with wine, pasta and night shots (photography, not liquor)... in the Olive Garden parking lot.

I had a great time and learned new techniques and business practices.  If you're a wedding photographer, I recommend you register for Seth and Beth's next workshop!

Can't wait to try out some new tricks on my 2015 brides and grooms!