Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby Cameron | Dayton Birth Photography | Miami Valley South Maternity

 Tara and Rory were high school sweethearts who began dating on March 15, 2002.  Ten years later on their anniversary, Rory popped the question and they were married in the fall.
When Tara introduced her new puppy as her FurBaby and brought the "Grandpup" to holiday dinners, their families began to wonder if a human baby would ever join the young couple.

So, the Family waited.  

And Tara posted more pictures of the dog.

And the Family waited.

And Tara bought sweaters and toys for the dog.

And the Family waited.

And Tara talked about adopting a second dog.

And the Family finally got the picture.

Until one day, unexpectedly, Rory and Tara announced that the dog would have a biped baby companion.

And the Family danced and laughed and cried.

Thirty-seven extremely long weeks later, Tara & Rory set off to the hospital at 11 a.m. on a Monday to have their first baby.

It's just after midnight and Tara is 9 cm dialated.

Exactly 14 years after the day that they first began dating,

exactly 4 years after the day that Rory proposed,

their son was born.

The sweet little guy had dangerously low blood sugar and needed glucose.

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

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