Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Birch House Wedding | Yellow Springs | Stephanie & Mike | Valerie Hawkins Photography

Sink or Swim.

That would be the best way to describe the impromptu changes to Stephanie & Mike's dream wedding.  Stephanie had her mind set on an al fresco style reception on the secluded land of Birch House in Yellow Springs.  Her vision was gorgeous.  Mother Nature, however, unleashed a torrent of rain that weekend and thus began a frantic search for tents to accommodate their guests and ceremony.

It was wet. 
The extra work involved was staggering.
Stress levels were high. 
The ceremony was late.  

And it was pretty darn perfect.

Seriously, the timeline was shot to hell, it was muddy, the groomsmen had to reorganize the reception tables to make room for the ceremony inside the tent and the forecast was depressing.  Yet it was still amazing.  The people that they loved the most came together to help save the day, the food was amazing, the wine and spirits plentiful and the love and laughter was huge.

Lost and Found Vintage Rentals of Dayton provided
this stunning crimson sofa as well as other decor pieces.

Steph, when Ellie gets married make sure you hold her close, kiss her cheek and take a picture just like this.

They held their First Look privately before the ceremony.

The ceremony was late due to the rain and a late busload of folks from the hotel.  It was tense for a bit as we crossed our fingers and hoped the skies would hold for the processional.  After the ceremony, we set off for Bride & Groom shots and Mike says, "Okay Val what do you want us to do?"

I said that I wanted them to stop, look at each other, just breathe and be glad that crazy stress is over.

So he sighed, they laughed and then they kissed like this.

Know what?  This is my favorite.  Sure, sure all those other shots are beautiful or stunning or whatnot, but this is Steph & Mike ... in stitches.

They've been saving that bottle for years for a special occasion.

Steph & Mike's son loved that umbrella.  He was off twirling, oblivious to his parent's First Dance and completely unaware that he was stealing their thunder.

Stephanie's father abruptly cut his dance short and invited her step-dad to take over.  

Steph & Mike, I don't have the words to describe how phenomenal it has been to get to know you both and document your wedding, so I'll just say this:

When are we going out for drinks?


DJ James Stuart

David's Bridal

Mod Cloth bridal shoes

Men's Warehouse