Monday, June 8, 2015

Sarah & Sean | Cedar Springs Pavilion | Dayton Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Sean planned a picture perfect wedding at the beautifully landscaped Cedar Springs Pavilion on a perfectly pleasant Saturday in May.  Every detail, every piece of decor was carefully chosen.  It had the makings of being a perfect day for the couple to become united through marriage.

But the bride was late.

To be specific, the entire bridal party was delayed at the salon.  When I arrived at Sarah's family home, I was welcomed by her lovely grandmother and Aunt and given free reign to photograph her clothing details in the home that Sarah's mom helped design.  So while I was a bit concerned about our timeline ("40 minutes late!  Our timeline is sunk!" I silently fretted), I had fun getting all of those detail shots that Sarah loves.  When Sarah arrived, I was impressed with how calm she was about the delay.  I've had some brides who would have cried in frustration, but not Sarah.  She's very easy-going and doesn't sweat the small stuff, and nothing was going to keep her from enjoying her day. And trust me, Sarah just radiated happiness.  At the consultation appointment and again at the engagement session, Sarah was a happy, bubbly person and Sean has a great sense of humor.  They are always making each other laugh and smile.

As Mrs. Lilley was buttoning Sarah's dress, she said, "Oh this is happening so fast.  I thought I would have more time."  She may have been talking about the delay at the salon, and yet I couldn't help thinking that perhaps her heart was aching just a little bit at how fast the years go by and how all too soon your baby is a grown women who is getting married.

The bride is getting finishing touches by her sister and mother.

The light in this foyer is amazing and Sarah's bridal images are breathtaking.

As soon as I pulled out this cathedral veil, I knew I wanted this shot of Sarah.

Sean is handsome guy.  With those baby blues and strong jawline, he's easy to photograph.  Put him in a tux, and he's the perfect combination of sexy, cool and confident, and I just knew that Sarah was going to fall in love with him all over again.

Sarah and Sean are adorable together... fun, flirty and joyful.  They have natural chemistry and have a happy, easy-going vibe.  They are a delightful couple, and it's truly been wonderful to get to know them throughout this process.  They put out a positive energy that inspires my creativity.      

This beautiful confection was created by Tiers of Joy.

Sarah re-purposed wine bottles to create these unique centerpieces.  Personal touches are so lovely and can be reused to decorate their holiday table or mantle for years to come.

I wish I knew what Grandma said.

In a very short amount of time, we created a nice variety of couple portraits.  We shot everything from the classic portraiture that their moms and dads will love to more creative imagery.  

She caught the bouquet.  He caught the garter.  And now he has to put the garter on her leg.

Sean & Sarah had a unique first dance.  A couple of verses into the song, the DJ welcomed the wedding party to join them on the dance floor.

Venue: Cedar Springs Pavilion

Cake:  Tiers of Joy

Catering: Cedar Springs Pavilion

Flowers:  Furst the Florist

Hair & MUA: Lindsey Deer of Fotini's Hair Design, Fairborn

Wedding Dress: Something New, Borrowed and Blue

Tuxedos:  Men's Warehouse

Coral Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

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