Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Joe | Rockdale Temple Bar Mitzvah | BB Riverboat | Dayton Ohio Photographer

When Heather, a talented family photographer, first contacted me to cover her son's Bar Mitzvah and celebration luncheon on the BB Riverboat, The River Queen, I immediately wanted to do it.

Then I worried about the sad, sad fact that I don't swim.

Am actually quite terrified of deep water.

And thus began the months of quietly trying to figure out how to surreptitiously wear orange arm floaties while shooting on a boat. 

Because I...

really wanted to photograph this.
(and I'm also trying to overcome my fears and all that jazz.)

I'm happy to report that I pulled it off without a panic attack (or a flotation device) and I'm so very glad that I took this event.  I met the most adorable family - a mother and father who radiated joy and pride, a sister who was the life of the party, a cute rascal of a baby brother and a sweet, freckled faced boy who shined with happiness.  And I witnessed and documented an extraordinarily beautiful ceremony rich with tradition and meaning.

The Rockdale Temple in Cincinnati is breathtaking.

The Ark is beautiful.  It seemed to radiate light.

Reading the Torah.

I really enjoyed seeing a community of loved ones reading with Joe.

I love this moment.

Mother and Father spoke words of love and inspiration to Joe.  It was a lovely moment to witness and many people, including me, were tearing up along with them.

The River Queen, BB Riverboat in Cincinnati

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