Saturday, August 13, 2016

Josh & Brittney | Dominick Lofino Park Beavercreek Engagement | Dayton Wedding Photographer

My husband and I are a marriage, which makes our kids Match babies.  I'd say ours is successful love story.  Still, I frequently hear a bit of skepticism concerning online dating.  I'm here to tell you, people, when you're tired of being set-up on bad dates and ready to find a great person just be open-minded and go for it.

So, when Brittney & Josh said they met three years ago through online dating, I was a bit tickled (and perhaps a bit smug- I'm telling ya, it works!)  I melted a bit when Brittney described Josh as an old soul.  And every time I asked them to lean in close during their session, Josh whispered something that made Brit giggle and blush.  So darn cute together.

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