Sunday, September 4, 2016

Basuray Birthday Celebration | Cox Arboretum | Dayton Event Photography

Anupam adores his mother and father.

If you were so lucky to meet them, you would understand why.
His mother, Maitreyi, is radiant.  She has an inner light that shines bright and warms everyone around her.  His father, Basu, is gentle and thoughtful - an intellect who dedicated his life's work to helping sick people and becoming a better doctor.  He challenged himself to always learn more.

Anupam and his wife Rakhi hosted an elegant luncheon to celebrate Basu's 80th and Maitrey's 70th birthdays.  It was no ordinary birthday party.  Rakhi and Anupam know how to throw a magnificent birthday bash.  Every detail, from the menu to the flowers and the Bengali musicians, was beautiful.  But what was most extraordinary about the party were the guests of honor.

Person after person took the floor to give respect to the couple and spoke words of love, fondness and respect.  There was a lot of love in the room that day.  

Happy birthday, Basu & Maitreyi.

Wish big.


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