Monday, June 19, 2017

Carillon Park Model Shoot

I'm an adjunct member of Tripod Camera Club, which is merely a fancy way of saying that I fizzled out after the first year and now I'm on a yearly attendance basis.  I started with good intentions, but with three daughters at home and my business, there is always something that gets in the way of attending meetings.  Hopefully they don't kick me out after realizing that I'm a crappy member.

When my dear friends and mentors, Bill Woody and J. Paul Bruce, reached out about a model shoot-out at Carillon Park, I happened to have a free Saturday and was happy to join in on the nerdy fun.  Bill also loaned out several vintage gowns for the models.  Bill and Paul are both accomplished fine art photographers and super great men.  You can click on their names to see their work!

Carillon Historical Park is a beautiful historic museum near the river in Dayton.  I have to confess that this was my first visit, the first attempt aborted when I didn't check the museum hours in advance and arrived 45 minutes before closing.  It is pretty amazing. 

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